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Back Flow Testing and Installation

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If you need Backflow Testing or Cross-Connection Testing Call on the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company

   Crystal Waters Plumbing Company needs to set the record straight, all drinking and recycled water connections must have backflow containment protection. This reduces the backflow hazard your property might pose to our water supply system.

Many measurements are needed when we test backflow pressure.
Many Measurements are made when Backflow Testing.


    If you’re a property owner, you are responsible for ensuring that you have a properly functioning backflow prevention device on your water service. From hose bib vacuum breakers to testable lawn irrigation backflow systems, the trusted team at the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company can help you with the installation, repair and service of these devices.


   We carry an assortment of measuring devices that can pinpoint problems with your system and offer cost-effective solutions to rectify problems.

    For most homeowners a simple backflow prevention device satisfies this requirement for low hazard properties. If you’re an Owner of a commercial and industrial properties, you must get an accredited backflow plumber to assess the hazard rating of the property on a periodic basis. Drop us a line if  you have any concerns about your current setup or service.

Helpful Backflow Prevention Tips




  • Be aware of and eliminate cross-connections.
  • Maintain air gaps.
  • Do not submerge hoses or place them where they could become submerged.
  • Use hose bib vacuum breakers on fixtures (hose connections in the basement,laundry room and outside).
  • Make sure toilets have anti-siphon ballcock assemblies.
  • Install approved, testable backflow prevention devices on lawn irrigation systems.
  • Install an approved, testable backflow prevention device at your home’s water service connection.
  • Do not create a connection between an auxiliary water system (well, cistern, body of water) and the water supply plumbing.




  • Soapy water or other cleaning compounds backsiphoned into your water supply plumbing through a faucet or hose submerged in a bucket or laundry basin.
  • A hose submerged in a swimming pool creates a pathway for pool water to enter your water supply plumbing.
  • Fertilizers/pesticides backsiphoned into your water supply plumbing through a garden hose attached to a fertilizer/ pesticide sprayer.
  • Chemicals/pesticides and animal or bird droppings drawn into your water supply plumbing from a lawn irrigation system with submerged nozzles.
  • Bacteria/chemicals/additives present in a boiler system backsiphon into the water supply plumbing.

Helpful Terms




Backpressure Backflow is caused by downstream pressure being higher than the supply pressure. Without proper protection, this pressure differential may result in reverse flow. Flow will always occur from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone. Pumps, elevated tanks and boilers are likely to produce pressures higher than supply pressure and result in backflow.




Backsiphonage is backflow caused by a zone of negative pressure (pressure less than atmospheric) in a water system. If a cross-connection exists, atmospheric pressure pushing against a contaminant will force it into a potable water supply that contains a zone of negative pressure. The negative pressure is caused by a decrease in supply pressure due to such things as a water main break or fire hydrant use. The decrease in supply pressure causes a siphon effect resulting in a reversal of flow


Cross Connection Horror Story:


An incident occurred in Chattanooga in October 1979. Three gallons of chlordane was back siphoned into the water supply of a residential area affecting approximately 50 homes. As a result the water utility was forced to replace water mains and lines, water heaters and the entire plumbing systems of several homes. Materials alone cost the water utility nearly $1 million. Law suits resulted in millions of dollars worth of claims against the water company.

Helpful links:


Cross Connection Control : Epcor

Cross Connection Control Program : City of Calgary

Looking for Back Flow Pressure Testing? Call Crystal Waters Plumbing.

    Call on the certified professional Plumbers at the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company to safely install, test or repair your back-flow cross-connections. Our helpful team of Plumbers will provide backpressure and backsiphonage testing and tips to keep your drinking water safe. From checking your irrigation cross-conections to verifying that the air gaps are installed and working properly on your hose-bibs, we carefully scrutinise your system for hidden problems.

    If you require back flow cross-connection testing in the Southern Alberta, Calgary region trust the Plumbers at the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company.

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