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Hot Water Heater and Boiler Systems

Crystal Waters Plumbing installs hot water heating and boiler systems
Trust Crystal Waters Plumbing Company With All Your Hot Water Heating Needs
hot water heaters and boilers run on the warm flame of natural gas
Crystal Waters Plumbing takes care of your heating needs.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Are you getting tired of running out of hot water while taking your shower?
  • Are you unfortunately waiting a long period of time for the tap water to heat up?
  • Does your family have to set a shower or bath schedule for each person due to increased hot water usage?
  • Is you current Boiler or hot water heating system costing you too much money?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, it just might be time to think about either servicing, replacing or upgrading your hot water tank or boiler.


   Crystal Waters Plumbing's natural gas hot water heaters and boilers set the standard for maximum operational efficiency and provide you and your family an outstanding value. All of our water heaters and boilers are carefully designed for easy installation and worry free maintenance.


   We can tailor a hot water heating system that responds to your family’s needs in a fast, efficient and economical way. Better efficiency and a proper load balance will provide savings down the road and increase the value of your home.


   Call on Crystal Waters today to help you update or re-design your hot water heating system.

Crystal Waters Can Install a Hot Water System, Tailored to Your Family's Specific Needs


Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters are the basic building blocks in home hot water heating
Storage tank to large hot water tanks. Crystal Waters installs them all.
Crystal Water installs a wide selection of Hot Water Tanks.

Storage Tank Hot Water Heaters


    Storage tank water heaters heat water in insulated cylinders that range in size from 30 to 75 gallons (114 to 283 litres) of water. The average Canadian home uses approximately 60 to 73 gallons ( 227 to 277 litres) of hot water per day.


    A typical tank is steel lined with glass. You will find that some high-end models are lined with stainless steel, and are a good choice if you have acidic water or high

mineral content.



  • Instant hot water high water pressure lasts longer (depending on tank capacity)
  • Storage tank hot water heaters have a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years
  • You can run multiple appliances concurrently: shower, run a dishwasher and use a washing machine all at the same time.
High Efficency hot water heaters save you time and money
need to install a high-efficency hot water tank? Call on Crystal Waters Plumbing.
High efficency HWT's are Crystal Waters bread and butter.

High Efficency - Hot Water Heaters


   High-efficiency water heaters are up to 40 per cent more efficient than standard efficiency models.


   These water heaters often have better heat exchangers. heat traps and insulation to limit heat loss during operation. They also have features such as electronic ignition, which means you can do away with lighting a pilot light.


   The two types of high-efficiency

natural gas water heaters are:


  • Direct-vent, or "sealed combustion," water heaters intake and exhaust from outside the home, rather than inside the room. Exhaust gases are vented to the outside, with the aid of a blower. Efficiency is improved by reducing off-cycle losses. These models are also some of the safest because backdraft (though rare and preventable in other models) is impossible.
  • High-efficiency condensing heaters collect condensation to limit heat loss. Though the extra anti-corrosion materials needed for this system add cost, the high efficiency more than pay's for itself.
Tankless Hot Water Heaters bring on demand heating when you really need it
Tights spaces love tankless hot water heaters.
Save on Energy with Tankless Hot Water Heating

Tankless Hot Water Heaters


   On demand, or tankless, water heaters "fire" only when you need it rather than storing it at constant heat. They can be your home's only source of water heat, or you can add them to your traditional heating system.




  • no floor space required – great for compact spaces
  • limited flow reduces fuel consumption up to 30 per cent, depending on BTU input.
  • energy is saved, as water is not kept constantly heated
  • unlimited capacity straight from groundwater


Considerations for tankless heaters

  • Compact size means you might not be able to run more than one hot water device at a time, such as dishwasher, shower, washing machine, etc.
  • Water may take a few minutes to heat and flow.
  • Groundwater in colder climates can take longer to heat and flow lighter.
  • If your retrofitting an existing system, extra costs may be necessary for increasing the size of incoming house gas line and making modifications to the exhaust system.
Crystal Waters and combination boilers
combination boilers can drastically cut your gas consumption.
Combination Boilers are the last word in high-efficency.

Combination Boilers


   Combination or integrated heating systems provide domestic hot water and most types of space heating all from a single hot water tank.


   The combination boiler is different from other types of boilers in that the need to store hot water is eliminated, making a hot water tank unnecessary.



  • Combination boilers only take up a small space.
  • A more efficent use of hot water will lead to a monetary cost savings.
  • Far less piping
  • Lower maintanace and service costs.



  • Boiler rating along with line supply size and pressure must be adequate, otherwise flow will be reduced.
Indirect Fired Water Heaters provides energy saving storage.
installing an indirect fired water heater saves energy and cuts costs.
Crystal Waters installs Indirect fired Water Heaters.

Indirect Fired Water Heaters


   Tankless coil and indirect water heaters use a home's space heating system to heat water. They're part of what's called integrated or combination water and space heating systems.


   An indirect water heater uses the main furnace or boiler to heat a fluid that's circulated through a heat exchanger in the storage tank. The energy stored by the water tank allows the furnace to turn off and on less often, which saves energy.


    An indirect water heater is used with a high-efficiency boiler and well-insulated tank can be the least expensive means of providing hot water. 

Hot Water Heater and Boiler Systems. - Crystal Waters Plumbing Company

   When it is time to start thinking about replacing or updating your Hot Water Tank or Boiler, call on the experts first at the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company. Our Natural Gas Hot Water Heaters and Boilers set the standard for maximum operational efficiency that provide cost savings you can count on.

   All our water heater and Boiler systems are prudently tuned to your family’s requirements which provides for proper load balance, cost savings and increased value over the many years of use. Crystal Waters tops all of this off with an industry leading parts and labor Warrantee.

   Count on the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company the next time you need your Hot Water Tank or Boiler installed or replaced.

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Providing Natural Gas Hot Water Heater and Boiler Systems to the Southern Alberta area.

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