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Sewer and Waterline Repair and Replacement

Crystal Waters Plumbing Serves Southern Alberta Sewer and waterline installation needs.
Count on the Expertise of Crystal Waters Plumbing for your Sewer and Waterline Installation, Repair and Replacement.

   Count on Crystal Waters Plumbing if you’re thinking about renovating, replacing or adding a new fixture to your existing sewer or water line. Crystal Waters Plumbing Company's extensive knowledge in design and repair of sewer and waterline systems will provide your family with years of low maintenance, piece of mind.

crystal waters plumbing installs and services underground drainage and water lines
Your Undergound Plumbing Services are Covered.

   The experts at the Crystal Waters Plumbing Company has extensive experience installing fixtures that require properly sized, above and below ground hookups to an exisiting water and or sewer service line. We have helped many homeowners re-design old tired layouts that cannot be easily modified to handle the load volume changes and new dimensional requirements the modern fixtures demand.


   Keep in mind that each project should be treated individually and a solution involving the renovation and or replacement  of a system be determined without predisposition towards any one method.



  Feel free to Contact the Water and Sewer Experts at Crystal Waters Plumbing to discuss the changes you want to make to your existing water or sewer service.

Crystal Waters has extensive experience with sewer and waterline installations.

Crystal Waters will connect all of your indoor rough-in services connect all your plumbing projects
indoor rough-in plumbing image by crystal waters plumbing company
Let us Help you with Your Indoor Rough-in Plumbing Project

Indoor Plumbing/Drainage

Rough-in Services


   Crystal Waters can help you with the development of your underground projects. From adding a new kitchen for that mother-in-law suite to installing a sink in the laundray room, we are here to help.


   Our Services include:

  • 2 and 3 Piece Bathroom Developments
  • Wet Bar and Attached Garage Sink Additions.
  • Washer, Dryer and Laundry Sinks
  • Stairwell and Floor Drains
  • Kitchen Developments for Mother-in-law Suites or Rental Conversions.
  • And much, much more.....
Crystal Waters Plumbing Group offers worry free waterline rough-in installations are simple with Crystal Waters Plumbing
Crystal Waters provides you with the needed help to finish the rough-in of your waterline project
Need a Water Line Rough-in? Calll Crystal Waters Today.

Complete Waterline Rough-in

Plumbing Services


   Crystal Waters Plumbing provides a needed hand when it comes to installing and testing waterlines at the rough-in stage of your project. Whether you need trustworthy copper or state of the art Pex, we provide you with the tools to get the job done.


  Our Waterline Rough-in Services Include:

  • Hot and Cold Hose Bib Installation
  • Detached Garage Sinks.
  • Water lines to hot-tubs or jacuzzie's
  • Upgrading to hot water re-circulation.
  • Complete custom fixture rough-in's.
  • And Much, Much more...
outdoor underground drainage services made to last.
proper outdoor underground plumbing services start with Crystal Waters Plumbing
Get your outdoor drainage done right the first time.

Outdoor Underground/Drainage

Plumbing Services


   Crystal Waters Plumbing can help you in the design and development of you outside drain and water services.


   Our Outdoor Plumbing Services Include:

  • Drainage installation to patio sinks
  • Detached undergound garage service.
  • Floor drains to stairwells and patio's
  • Drainage for ornamental gardening
  • And Much, Much more...

Sewer, Waterline, Repair and Replacement - Crystal Waters Plumbing

     When you need you Sewer or Waterlines modified, repaired or replaced, count on the licensed Plumbers at the Crystal Waters Plumbing Group. Our Plumbers will get the job done right the first time. If you're thinking of adding a new fixture or need a sump pump replaced call on the Crystal Waters Plumbing to help you with your drainage issues, they know their stuff.

     From sump pumps to floor drains, our extensive experience insures that your drainage system will be working at top efficency when the job is complete. The trusted folks at Crystal Waters are here to offer expert advice and to help you with your sewer or storm line issues. Call on us today.

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Providing Plumbing Repair and Replacement of your Waterline, Drainage system

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